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Dr. Trista Platz

Family First Chiropractic Care

"Dr. Platz is incredible!!! She is definitely worth the 40 minute drive each way from my house! My boys actually ASK to get adjusted now, where before they hated going to the chiropractor."
-Mary, Allen Park

"Amazing care, got me in the same day and I walked out there a new woman! Would highly recommend Dr. Platz!"
-Maeve, Birmingham

"Dr. Platz takes her time with her patients. She never triple books appointments because she knows our time is valuable too! When you are with her, you know you have 100% of her attention. She is kind and understanding; plus the kids LOVE her! But the best thing about this chiropractor is she uses whatever adjusting method she can to help you feel better, faster! Thank you Dr. Platz!"
-Michelle, Huntington Woods